Be confident!

Day 8027

You are what you believe.

Photo by ExnD on Unsplash

Mind can change every single part of you. Thinking what you are uncapable of leads you to become one of it.

Being afraid of what you don’t know can help you nothing. Instead, use the time you are thinking of what you are uncapable of to learn that thing that you are afraid of.

Having imposter syndrome? Yes, I am having it too at the moment. We are not knowledgeable at the first time, it might be difficult to start but once you started, the inertia in you will ease your movement and lead you to the direction you are heading to.

You need to be confident, have the will to kick start and try not to think what you are unable to and what you are able to. Just give it a try and you will learn from there.

You will fall at first, and it’s best to fall as early as possible so you will rise sooner than others. — Dr Aznul Qalid (19 May 2021)

Totally agree with the statement mentioned by Dr Aznul, my UM Machine Learning lecturer, one of the best lecturers in UM, constantly giving us motivational speech and advice.

Yes, we all will fail at first, no doubt with that. The only crucial point is that if you are willing to take the fall the wound, then able to rise up and move on.

Experience is gained when you are willing to learn from your mistake.

All in all, BE CONFIDENT to take your first step and be brave to anticipate the fall and go through the hurting process. Good things come next.

All the best to myself too, this is a motivational thought for myself as well.

Believe in yourself that you can do it, just like how you believed you can make your first step when you were younger.

Photo by Alexander Dummer on Unsplash

Something I wish I knew earlier in my life.



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