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Skills that I must have.

Upscaling your soft and hard skills are important.

Photo by SUNBEAM PHOTOGRAPHY on Unsplash

The top skill that I must learn:

Persuading skill is crucial in daily life. You have to learn this persuading skill in persuading your points are valid. Having a good persuading skill ease your proposal to be approved, boosting your interview points, able to collaborate with more people thus having more business to run.

Things that I must do:

  1. Upscale my problem solving skill
  2. Boost my creativity
  3. Being self-aware
  4. Read more ideas and opinion and make a strong deduction with my own opinion
  5. Understand someone’s arguments, trying to be in their shoes.
  6. Learn more languages.
  7. Be confident when presenting your opinions, not a time to be embarrassed about.

Something I wish I knew earlier in my life.